Friday, December 02, 2005
  mumbai breath
Am working in Mumbai now! Searching for a place to stay. Same old story.

What happens when you decide to look at a situation differently? I felt after I point, I had gotten too clever for myself. "What I could do" was becoming more important than what I did, what I experienced. I was to-do happy. So I have shifted base for some time. I realize a lot of the threads I have been following are incomplete. I want to meet people, bond with people, see things, see what I am doing and how it comes across to others.

I want to finally decide. What is it I would feel comfortable doing all my life, all the time? Leave the other interests/occupations alone, fending for food. Why is this neccessary? Well, if I expect some form of art/creative activity to carry me across to the state of absolute peace... I need to commit to a path. Poetry, video, art, copywriting, internet activism, social venture... what will I bet on?

As of now, I am going strong on art. Visual art, which strongly engages with "bunches of words" I create... I have been drawing regularly since October. I can see something emerging there. I have neglected my drawings for so long!

So in mumbai - I look around. I learn to be relaxed but enthusiastic, easy but passionate, productive but peaceful.... I want to throb with simplicity. Not get caught up in some crazy obtuse trip...

when sparks fly - consistenly, the nature of the filament decides what lights up and what fuses out

this blog is the filament2: constantly posted secondary news, signals, waves...

"other ways of lighting up"

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