Friday, September 02, 2005
  Where to live?
I think in India it would a good idea to live in a town, which The Times of India thinks is too small to sustain a city edition. Such a city is bound to be mundane, quiet, cultured in a meaningful way and cheap!

Why do most Indian films increasingly only either have only fantastic or Mumbai landscapes. No variety, no imagination. I have seen films (luckily!) in which the landscape/the locations themselves have a character. They have something intrinsic. They play a role, they have a story to tell.

It is an unexplored area. Iranian films seem to explore it consistently. American films surely. Are we ashamed/not-proud of our geography?

Something worth thinking about. Why are the cinematic landscapes of our films so monotonous.

I have tried to create a rich landscape in the script I have been working on. How will it turn out?
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