Friday, September 02, 2005
  Where am I?
Have been travelling for the past week! From Ahmedabad to Delhi to Nagpur and soon to Ahmedabad. I forgot to carry any of the books I've bought and have been waiting to read... Am regretting that.

A good time in Delhi, couldn't meet up with any friend, was mostly holed-up with my computer and blogging or dreaming. Making proposals.

Spreading myself thin. I have been warned against it. I admire people who do less but do good. I am moving towards it. Work either on a part-time job or a fellowship and just tap away slowly at the imagination I want to translate into the real-world?

Work with stories. When I get back home, I will first be completing my short-video -- "Introspection". Maybe expand the theme, explore the subject... more. Beyond pattern can it also be words, voices, people, process. How would I show it. I have been shooting clips for this video on my still-camera. Why? Maybe to speak for introspection being as close and easily-possible for you as possible... what can be simpler than shooting limited-seconds of video on a still camera. A video camera felt too intricate... some of these things need to go my new trigger2 process-blog...

Have bought 6 long canvases maybe 6 ft X 2 ft? What will I do with these, do I fancy myself to be a painter? I want to play with words and with poems on these. I have heard of the "supremacy", the "absolutist regime" of the image, the visual... maybe play with words, with letters, with alphabets in the realmn of the visual... might be fun.

Not be over-productive, that is NOT my defining characteristic... do something which has the captivating narrative which impresses me about a lot of good blog-postings. Captivating narrative. Freeze on that.
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