Wednesday, July 06, 2005
  Environmental Issues
SO what do I care about the environment? Depends on how I define the E word. If it is the city, culture, family - I have some concerns. If it the wild life, the forests - I don't know if I have anything to say, which isn't said everyday (with meaning!).

I am working on a proposal for the Vatavaran film-making fellowship. And yes, making applications is my chief after-job occupation. The next being collecting rejection slips. BTw had another few bright ideas for reviving the regular print issues at crimson-feet. But it was with breath - held back. I was screaming inside my head, "I do not want to slip into another andrenalin recourse."

Back to environmental issues. So what should I take up? I don't know if urban issues, planning issues will be elegible. How should I find out? Then, maybe I would like to extend my current project (public space & advertising) into this, a documentary would a great medium to work on this subject.
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