Tuesday, June 21, 2005
  What Price Art ?
What price art?

Well, definitely a crore or more. Yes?

Pays who? Everyone is all horny about the few painters who regularly sell their work for millions and get their names splashed all over the news. Everyone is claiming it means great things for the art market of India, great things for the talent...

The wrong kind of money keeps coming into the art world. People who can pay are paying, and no one is bothering to see what role art is taking up in society. Whether the populace-at-large can afford the essence of what is happening. "They don't have to. Not everything has to hold true for all the levels of the pyramid, let everyone enjoy!"

In a story which talks about something as fictious, non-standard and marginal like art, there will be two characters. One is a painter who wipes his brush on his apron, sets his price pretty high, goes to parties, networks, shows his work... interviews. Who believes arguments which are about what art should be and shouldn't be are essentially by non-artists who sit with history books on their laps.

He believes that people who place art in the refrigerator, meuseum, gallery, fireplace and expect the artist to forgoe, suffer, make a face, act pure were never professionals anyway. They have grown up on fairy tales.

The other character is this writer who claims he has a vision for the world. Who writes nonsense wbout little babies painted into patterns on the wall but have nothing to say about what they have to say.

These two meet in a cyber community and break into a brawl. The writer asks the painter to stop worrying about his livelihood and think of God. The artist throws a chair at him and says, don't hurt, think of God.

As each of them crumbles into little pieces the idea goes up for takes. Leave theories aside, and collect the cash.

Part from each other tonight, and let the confusion take on elitist shades. That is good for the market. Everything elistist is good for the Indian market.

Refer: Times of India
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