Thursday, June 09, 2005
Spicejet has started 6 flights a day from Ahmedabad to Delhi and four flights a day from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. The only realistic alternatives to travelling by train until last month (when this new airline launched) was roughing it by the bus. The Volvo busses run by many travel & tour companies locally were the best best. Quick, no unnecessary stops for the driver to buy Pan or beedi and punctual. Of course the added attraction were the movies and the AC. Sometimes the movies were not the everyone-dies-in-the-end Ram Gopal Verma movies and they were fun.

With spicejet promising to cover the distance to the flying for everyone promise, which Air Deccan could only do lip service to, India is in for a rush. I have skipped going to so many places, where I felt like just because it would be too much of a hassle or get too expensive.

As an interesting sidetrack I would like to observe that - travelling by air, in pressurized Ac cabins is nothing experientially compared to doing the Volvo. I did a bus trip once long back (non-Volvo) from Delhi to Pondicherry. It took me five days and I can still brag about it.
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