Thursday, June 30, 2005
  Somebody Talk About "Old Media" (please!)
New media needs new talent. This was the lead caption of the imaginary front page of a newspaper. There is a absentee bridge hanging betwen the world which was and the world which is. The digital divide doesn't divide the rich and the poor - it divides creation which was and creation which is. Everything new is essentially floating in chaos. Make your own rules, preach from your own stools while you can.

How can skills, which the mediums of poetry, theatre, puppetry, sketching, sculpture have developed through legions of practising creative artists suddenly have nothing to contribute anymore? How can "new media" be embraced in such an uninhibited manner that it almost seems that old words are forgotten, bookshelves are empty, all celluloid has cracked up and everything is hazy?

Dozens of new media institutes have sprung up across the country and funds are freely flowing to set up more. They are selling the future and their relevance in the new world to students who believe blindly. Nothing wrong with learning new things, wich seem to be relevant and marketable... seems kind of fragmented. It is emancipating in a way, because the word creative and art are not used only by some academics but by many others - it has opended up the perpetually ongoing discussions on aesthetics, voice and vision. But somewhere everything reeks of a novel, bubbly, frothy naivity.

Digital storytelling? Digital narratives, digital *.*. If changing the world was so simple - converting waves to 0 and 1. It would have changed long back. It is essentially the same. In many ways. Can this be denied?
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