Thursday, June 16, 2005
  Small Change
Micro finance seems interesting to the extent of the peer-saving-groups and loans and poverty reducing... why do people start talking about entrepreneurship at the slightest provocation? Entrepreneurship as a strategy for development? Irrational. Unless you see US as the ideal situation to be in. Ensuring that the economic ecosystem is healthy for all those who want to be entrepreneurs makes sense - making entrepreneurship a choice of favour, something ideal... is stupid.

All the government sponsored / private incubators (trying to make entrepreneurship a priority) are looting young blood anyway. Trying to make an easy buck. Trying to offer "consulting" to entities which are not even business as yet. Charging money which is loaned. Keeping their belongings as ransom in lieu of pending charges after they have gone bankrupt.

Promoting entrepreneurship / calling-for-entrepreneurs to support them is the same is self-publishing mostly. Some guys do a good job. Others take others for a ride, while they try to make a living themselves.
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