Wednesday, June 15, 2005
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Yesterday you were confused. You did not know if paid features were allowed in newspapers or magazines. You did know that other have asked you before, and this is an unnecessary expense. Marketing rep 1, and Aroon Purie's determination have a different plan. They plan to confuse you, gag you with words which do not mean anything and them make you sign a contract. "If you don't understand, why do you bother? We are offering you a good deal."

Tomorrow you might be clear, you will discover that a journalist is flying with you. You will discover that he will talk to you about India Today and its one crore circulation. "Sir, our readers lap up evrything we give them. They believe everything. What do you want them to believe." You will keep his visiting card.

Being upright is one thing, being honest is one thing, but being a simple conversational lollipop is another. "I for one, agree to anyone saying anything - provided he sucks up to me the right way." Lets suppose Aroon Purie does, what do we have tomorrow - the Indian Today sponsored by the ministry for rural development?

That might be good for the publisher. Aroon as it is is 60 but looks like he is 50. But what about the readers, who lap up everything. Some willl feel that they have been wasting their time, calling Raghuvansh Prasad's office asking him to sponsor their aspirations for development. So more in their village could read and write. Read news, read India Today. Make it circulate to one crore+. Each time they called, Mr. Prasad said they do not have budgetary provision for anything like anything and now India Today is supporting them and one crore people are lapping up India Today - who will believe them anymore. Believe them that the ministry doesn't listen to them & doesn't explain to them why what is good for them is not good for the government.

Mr. Prasad's new friends will call on him everytime they are running short of ADs or everytime they feel like expanding. His PA has been bribed once, he can be bribed again.

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