Wednesday, June 01, 2005
  Population Explosion
I went down to Patel Media in the afternnon to check if they had a pirated copy of Final Draft 7 - I have been putting together some ideas for a feature film script. I have put the story together, am working on the characters. The shop was full of avid pirates... and it was hot. The shop-assistant was hassled, he refused to understand what Final Draft was.

One of my reactions that I was aware of - "There are so many of us, I believe in the population boom." But sometimes I wonder if the population program is not a theory. A repressive theory - which somehow conjures an entirely hysterical and dehumanized concept of India. The moment you think of India as an over-populated country - you can get away with not feeling sensitive about train mishaps, tsunamis, earthquakes....

It starts making you feel insignificant, jinxed and doomed. I wonder where this concept came from. British rule ? Direct Comparitive Inference ?

I feel the population boom is an abstract concept. Each person on the street is an idea waiting to be realized. The population boom is of ideas - not of humans. That is not possible. Humans being agents of the ideas-to-be-realized-in-them.

I think Asia, Africa... could think about this. Who really feels that some person is "extra" that s/he is part of a boom, an over-productive country ?
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