Thursday, June 16, 2005
  Peace On A Platter (maybe)
Peace from a simplistic perspective. Not implementable, not realistic. What no one will do, is not doable. Imagine a canopy spread out on Relief road and the rain is jumping on it. What does it mean. Too many people are trying aggressively to change the world. The world can only be peaceful if world change went off development agendas. Natural human activity could be, "making things better for oneself." We have seen the havoc - in a way - that this activity has led many of us to get carried away and make megacities on enchroached land. Made skyskrapers on prime agricultural land.

A way to change this could be to support people who want to "make things better for themselves" in other ways. A way aroun this could be to place social restrictions on the growth of companies - to legislate that companies be split into two the moment they grow beyond a certain size. Why? In masses of millions individuals don't seem valuable. The pressure to keep growing creates the myth of permanence, of drastic decisions, of being manipulative, of being abusive, of cheating. And the truth is all compaies all businesses die. Everything is cyclical. Allowing companies to grow beyond their destinies is ensuring the death of other companies, other individuals. The solution is not to keep looking for new markets, new opportunities to grow - it is to make sure that companies keep shrivelling and dying and the market is renewed all the time. To define an equation which decides that companies cannot grow more when each of their constituents is rich enough for a lifetime. Wealth should not be allowed to grow to hysterical ammounts. It is disheartening.

Innovation is not fuelled by greed, it is not fuelled by neediness, it is fuelled by need. We don't need unethical triggers for anything... we weren't born with any compulsions, we inherited everything. We don't need to constrict the range of our experience and our possibility with the narrowness of white people's minds...

This is an escapist note in response to the passive and limited repsonses to africa's situation. Maybe it is nonsense, but I feel a the trick will also be to keep thinking up all kinds of nonsense as long as the sense of the common dialogue is as dull and colourless as it is. Out of nonsense the queerness of "white companies" arguing for the shortage of new markets, begging us to allow them a few more violations... more possibilites to grow, more worlds to ruin - expand the extent of damage they can muster courage for.
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