Thursday, June 23, 2005
  Parineeta: A Review & Cat-shit On The Window
We saw Pareneeta yesterday, hit-banging emotional action from start to finish. Nothing emotive, evocative enough to take home. All the cast was as it is trapped, in starched well-designed costumes and a script, which seemed to be extremely future-sensitive. Vidya Balan(Lolita) was resigned to play the entire part through her eyes and her smiles. Half, quarter and quarter of quarter.

If characters in a story don't have space, they are not memorable. If characters are not memorable neither are their stories. Stories of drab, starch-necked characters go home with us seeming like logical sequences, stage-plays continuity-exercises.

Was disappointed with the film. Vidhu Vinod Chopra, either way had always seemed to be driving more and more to a controlled-brilliantly-executed kind of film-making. Maybe he should stick to production (Munnabhai, MBBS)?

The fundamentals of the film seem to have potential enough to maybe do another re-make. Characters can have lives in the story, the delivery of the story is not their only responsibility.

Pareneeta starred Saif Ali Khan as Shekhar, Vidya Balan as Lolita and Sanjay Dutt as Girish.

The time the film was set in was quite confusing. Was it the colonial or post-colonial years. If it was the pre-colonial then what did Saif mean when he said "The English have left but they have left their children." But maybe I missed something important in the first ten minutes? (I entered the theatre late!) And if it was the post-colonial period what were all these guys doing, fixing deals with foreigners. What were all these foreigners doing in the train, looking totally unlike tourists of any kind.

Did Cadbury Dairy Milk look the same back in whenever-the-film-is-supposed-to-be-set-in?

After the movie, sitting in the air-conditioned theatre (fun republic is good! but too expensive), loitering around we thought we would catch some potato wedges at McDonalds... but hysteria got the better of us. The ice cream and the wedges fell! What a waste...

Saw something interesting at McKitchen though... the guard was standing behind the counter, flashing his food card. The guy behind the desk waved nonchalantly, "Help Yourself". He took a serving of each? Don't know... So everyone eats the same stuff at McDonalds, except me, that is. I drop it on the floor. And then sweep it to the dust-bin.
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