Saturday, June 25, 2005
  On Manipulation
Democracies are easy to manipulate. I am easily smothered with sweet talk or good tea. You can corrupt elections, talk about rights, talk about development goals and agendas, point out how countries are missing out on the "BIg Party" by being underdeveloped and poor. But where is the "Big Party".

The more countries, which have democracy - the more countries American have to preach to. Since when have middlemen and pimps been Acceptable High Priests? "Know your rights, people. You deserve to be like us. Demand development from your government" And they do. Elections are no longer won on false promises. Elections are won on false promises of development. And once people know what they want. American know whom they can sell it to. The Government buys into arguments, into development agendas, economic policies, reforms. And gradually the world is made an easier place for Americans to understand.

I was reading the other day, how the British interest in Kashmir started with an officer's curiosity - "Can Kashmir be made into a colony for retired British Officers." Sometime in 1880s. Somehow it didn't work out. But it seems like the world is being trained into becoming a better tourist hotspot for Americans?

Why so much American-bashing tonight? Well got nothing else to do. Nothing else closer to my mind, right now. The world imitates US - so just ranting against the "Big Guy" will do, I guess.
Personally I feel - US is like a lovely monster - who eats everyone except the people already inside its stomach. Frankly, with the way things are going - Europeans haggling on petty politics and discounts like fishermen, US seems to be poised to remain The Only Power. The safest place to be, is either inside US?
possibly so. safest is to be inside. although as spain allows gay marriage - third country, far from the usa - i wonder if that is true. on the one hand, the usa has so much power. on the other, it is chimera power. empty. i grant very much it is real in a lot of its effects. but in support? void.
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