Wednesday, June 15, 2005
  Obese Balloons On The Front Page
Vijaypat Singhania, you were often the last person left standing on the playground. You would come and stand in the middle and behave as if the world was tied to your tail and you were fidgeting so you could shake it off.

Then we got to know each other, you would name drop a lot, you would wear exquisite suits - Raymond, perfect man you were. That you owned Raymond was a different story. Why you namedropped J R D Tata, I couldn't understand - surely you were competitiors?

Anyway, you were often the last person left standing on the playground. You would jump up and down, cheering the winning team. Your bald head seeming like a flash pan. You said you were planing to break the international ballooning world record. You would go up 70,000 feet in the sky and wish you were a few kgs lighter.

You were hiring a British firm to make you the balloon. I said, "whom are you hiring to puncture your balloon? any vacancies." "You joker!" he shouted back.

You appeared on the front page of The Times of India, not the third page of its city suplement. You apppeared on a patch which is usualy reserved for Mr. Manmohan Singh. Do you have his blessings, or do you compete ?

That sunday you blew up your balloon and you got ready to soar up into the sky, you were a bundle of excited bullshit. Frankly I didnt care if you broke the world record or not - but I would feel less guilty about being obese. Because I am not as obese as you, and if you can do it, so can I.

Refer Story Titled: "Singhania scales 28,200 ft: mission to break world hot air balloon record" i Times of India dated June 14, 2005.
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