Monday, June 13, 2005
  Noose Not Bracelet
Siro-Wiwa defended a stance too subtle for a world steered by stockbrokers, to understand. He said let the tree fall in the patch of land it grows in. But the tree was taken away to Russia, where it was made into paper, on which the Judge in America wrote, “Cease or Desist”. He ceased to be, he was not so powerful that he could ask Shell if they knew what they were doing.

And they didn't. The American ambassador who was recalled after the Siro-Wiwa was assassinated says what the oil companies do cannot be blamed for what the military executes. He says the oil companies cannot be blamed for what the military executes. If someone is to benefit from the present circumstance, it is the ease with which everyone can lie, smile and wave to smiling crowds, win elections. Truth is an equation. It is an equation which can tally in percentages.

My grandmother lived in Nairobi – she said the roads were shaded, food was abundant , snippets of the continental language sounded like language falling on drums softly.

Siro-Wiwa asked the grass under his feet for an answer to a simple question, somebody who lived to the east of Greenwich misreported his question, he was asked to undress his eyes. Refuse to see the startling simmering figment anymore.

He refused. He was executed. Nelson Mandela called for sanctions, Nigeria is isolated. Nobody can ask any questions anymore. America recalls her ambassador. A minor airline buys discounted oil and guzzles into the air. Somebody gets away from a farce by wearing white skin, a suit and tie. Guilt is a tool of mass destruction, it should be missiled across the Atlantic, across the Mediterranean.

Reference: A Noose not Bracelet @, by Naomi Klein
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