Saturday, June 11, 2005
  Keeping Away From Cob-webs
I am trying to keep away from laboured - carefully wedged-in arguments, designed to think that realities other than the reality of being are more important. Are more worth thinking about - worth disrupting sequences for.

For example, take revolutions... revolutions get the blood boiling, get the head thinking of long nights spent dreaming of deliverence. Revolutions marry theory with disaster. They are obselete. Adolscence is all about revolting against revolving dors which parents install in our minds. Revolving doors - with free wheeling motion - easy come easy go.

That's the only revolting we know. Lights can go off in the middle of the day - leaving us hot and dry. Sowing seeds is not on my agenda anymore - watering shrobs would be more like it. I can't speak one sentence, which doesn't break into miniscule pieces the world through images, which I invoke.
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