Saturday, June 04, 2005
  Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi: a review
Next time you hear a leftist ngo-types preaching to you, telling you the way this world should be. Telling you, how you should be, if you know whats' good for you... you can remember Sidharth of Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi (HKA) and get a kick out of fantasizing the end he could come to. It is summer in India and he is dreaming for the best, for the best of us. Betting his life on the world changing on Saturday, just in time for the sparrow to shit on his eyeglasses.

If One Billion minus Ninety Nine million people are wishing-well for India's future... this minus another hundered thousand are betting their lives on the world changing on Saturday - whether or not at that same time... imagine how confused the wish-fulfilling fairy will be ?

Someone wants to end globaliztion, someone wants to end dust, someone wants to end illitracy... and all of them are funded by someone of the other. Each is capable of trigering a change.

Anyway, from a ramble to a gamble. Vikram in HKA gambles on mediocrity, on well-adjusted cynicism. Mostly quite successfully. Geeta gambles on faith, in Sidharth's vision on his love and sincerity. Sidharth gambles on the world changing at that precise time on Saturday.

We see everyone's world fall apart - but all the characters are sketched so evenly, no one is made out to be a hero. You don't end up sympathizing with any one - so much so that you start hating the director. Every one seems to have - in the karmic-cycle-perspective - some reason to suffer.

This has always seemed the most difficult thing to me. The film is remarkable well-scripted.

The political context of the story - seems to be more of a potent and vocal backdrop than a major concern of the filmmaker. And it seems to me, thats the way it always is, except in history books and academic papers.

History was approached in very personal and pained steps. Nothing was said - everything was an undertone, an undertone resounding in each moment of the film.
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