Tuesday, June 14, 2005
  Free To Corporate
Shell awnsers to an angry poster on its corporate "open forum" - "we did express our disapproval and dismay about the means the government chose to silence our critics". They would have chosen to silence them in a different way. Just ignore and deny them, just claim to understand reasons behind the "roots of grass" turning blue and hostile towards you.

Royal Dutch / Shell forgot that it was already in the danger of being proven guilty. It is big, rich, arrogant and professes to have grand visions of leading the world to prosperity. How can any oil-hawker profess to desire prosperity, successfully. Siro-Wiwa was found guilty by judges who were feeling guilty about finding Siro-wiwa guilty the next day. He was hung, or shot - but exterminated. How can a poet ever be forgotten, how can guilt ever be ascertained by someone who is already guilty. He had a simple suggestion. Let so much of everything you take away go to my people. We stay here, you stay in Holland. You have other things to go back to, we have nothing else to go away to. Simplicity seems deplorable to businessmen, to politicians working under the pressure of international complexities. How can you? How dare you? Bang Bang Bang. Good thing about humans is nothing is ever forgotten, the world can never be the same again, because now we know.

Siro-wiwa had a son he wanted to come to India, this summer. Then the execution happened in November. He cried and cried and cried for two months. Now it is really hot in India - I don't know where that little child has gone away to. I don't know how I can reach him. He might be thinking his father died and Nigeria was isolated and now there is nothing to think about the roots of the grass which grow under his feet. Not the way his father used to, patiently, holding each blade of grass respectfully between his fingers, allowing each root-strand to speak fairy tales of the distances it had travelled through dense soil.

Reference: A Noose not Bracelet @, by Naomi Klein
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