Sunday, June 12, 2005
  Announcement: Season Of Stories
For a week, it will be story season at filament2@blogspot. I will posting 200-500 word every day this coming week. The stories will be based on actual happenings or actual news coverage in The Times of India, The or The Guardian (UK)

This will speak for a couple of apprehensions I have -
  1. News is fiction. Not that news is false, but news is fiction. The perspective from which events become news is fictional. This perspective is informed and guided by a certain moralism, a certain starched judgment which continuously qualifies things happening around us. News is not a record/log of everything which is happening in the world - it is everything happening in the world from a particular perspective.
  2. Fiction is news. The direct or imagined experience, subtext, history, encrypted commentary... of which fiction is knitted, connects in real ways with us. It becomes part of our experience, which we use to understand the world, find our place in it.
I have selected each of the three news sites for different reasons.
  1. The Times of India - to make a comment on the reserved, disbelieving attitude most of its readers have towards the news it publishes. This publication is known for the "entertaining" flavour, which their news has. The perspective of "news" has been expanded/distorted/commercialized/belittled by them - almost singlehandedly.
  2. - it watches the media. It has another set of morals / values with which it keeps a watch on deviances / distortions by the contemporary media industry. It has a perspective - based on ideals, vision and the accorded mandate of "media".
  3. TheGaurdian - As a source of international news. It is known to be quite diverse and I like their tone !
I might also take stories from other news sites, if these fail to excite me sometimes... will always be posting a link.

I hope you enjoy the stories, and I hope the experiment goes off well... !
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