Thursday, June 30, 2005
  Somebody Talk About "Old Media" (please!)
New media needs new talent. This was the lead caption of the imaginary front page of a newspaper. There is a absentee bridge hanging betwen the world which was and the world which is. The digital divide doesn't divide the rich and the poor - it divides creation which was and creation which is. Everything new is essentially floating in chaos. Make your own rules, preach from your own stools while you can.

How can skills, which the mediums of poetry, theatre, puppetry, sketching, sculpture have developed through legions of practising creative artists suddenly have nothing to contribute anymore? How can "new media" be embraced in such an uninhibited manner that it almost seems that old words are forgotten, bookshelves are empty, all celluloid has cracked up and everything is hazy?

Dozens of new media institutes have sprung up across the country and funds are freely flowing to set up more. They are selling the future and their relevance in the new world to students who believe blindly. Nothing wrong with learning new things, wich seem to be relevant and marketable... seems kind of fragmented. It is emancipating in a way, because the word creative and art are not used only by some academics but by many others - it has opended up the perpetually ongoing discussions on aesthetics, voice and vision. But somewhere everything reeks of a novel, bubbly, frothy naivity.

Digital storytelling? Digital narratives, digital *.*. If changing the world was so simple - converting waves to 0 and 1. It would have changed long back. It is essentially the same. In many ways. Can this be denied?
Saturday, June 25, 2005
  On Manipulation
Democracies are easy to manipulate. I am easily smothered with sweet talk or good tea. You can corrupt elections, talk about rights, talk about development goals and agendas, point out how countries are missing out on the "BIg Party" by being underdeveloped and poor. But where is the "Big Party".

The more countries, which have democracy - the more countries American have to preach to. Since when have middlemen and pimps been Acceptable High Priests? "Know your rights, people. You deserve to be like us. Demand development from your government" And they do. Elections are no longer won on false promises. Elections are won on false promises of development. And once people know what they want. American know whom they can sell it to. The Government buys into arguments, into development agendas, economic policies, reforms. And gradually the world is made an easier place for Americans to understand.

I was reading the other day, how the British interest in Kashmir started with an officer's curiosity - "Can Kashmir be made into a colony for retired British Officers." Sometime in 1880s. Somehow it didn't work out. But it seems like the world is being trained into becoming a better tourist hotspot for Americans?

Why so much American-bashing tonight? Well got nothing else to do. Nothing else closer to my mind, right now. The world imitates US - so just ranting against the "Big Guy" will do, I guess.
Personally I feel - US is like a lovely monster - who eats everyone except the people already inside its stomach. Frankly, with the way things are going - Europeans haggling on petty politics and discounts like fishermen, US seems to be poised to remain The Only Power. The safest place to be, is either inside US?
Thursday, June 23, 2005
  Parineeta: A Review & Cat-shit On The Window
We saw Pareneeta yesterday, hit-banging emotional action from start to finish. Nothing emotive, evocative enough to take home. All the cast was as it is trapped, in starched well-designed costumes and a script, which seemed to be extremely future-sensitive. Vidya Balan(Lolita) was resigned to play the entire part through her eyes and her smiles. Half, quarter and quarter of quarter.

If characters in a story don't have space, they are not memorable. If characters are not memorable neither are their stories. Stories of drab, starch-necked characters go home with us seeming like logical sequences, stage-plays continuity-exercises.

Was disappointed with the film. Vidhu Vinod Chopra, either way had always seemed to be driving more and more to a controlled-brilliantly-executed kind of film-making. Maybe he should stick to production (Munnabhai, MBBS)?

The fundamentals of the film seem to have potential enough to maybe do another re-make. Characters can have lives in the story, the delivery of the story is not their only responsibility.

Pareneeta starred Saif Ali Khan as Shekhar, Vidya Balan as Lolita and Sanjay Dutt as Girish.

The time the film was set in was quite confusing. Was it the colonial or post-colonial years. If it was the pre-colonial then what did Saif mean when he said "The English have left but they have left their children." But maybe I missed something important in the first ten minutes? (I entered the theatre late!) And if it was the post-colonial period what were all these guys doing, fixing deals with foreigners. What were all these foreigners doing in the train, looking totally unlike tourists of any kind.

Did Cadbury Dairy Milk look the same back in whenever-the-film-is-supposed-to-be-set-in?

After the movie, sitting in the air-conditioned theatre (fun republic is good! but too expensive), loitering around we thought we would catch some potato wedges at McDonalds... but hysteria got the better of us. The ice cream and the wedges fell! What a waste...

Saw something interesting at McKitchen though... the guard was standing behind the counter, flashing his food card. The guy behind the desk waved nonchalantly, "Help Yourself". He took a serving of each? Don't know... So everyone eats the same stuff at McDonalds, except me, that is. I drop it on the floor. And then sweep it to the dust-bin.
Tuesday, June 21, 2005
  What Price Art ?
What price art?

Well, definitely a crore or more. Yes?

Pays who? Everyone is all horny about the few painters who regularly sell their work for millions and get their names splashed all over the news. Everyone is claiming it means great things for the art market of India, great things for the talent...

The wrong kind of money keeps coming into the art world. People who can pay are paying, and no one is bothering to see what role art is taking up in society. Whether the populace-at-large can afford the essence of what is happening. "They don't have to. Not everything has to hold true for all the levels of the pyramid, let everyone enjoy!"

In a story which talks about something as fictious, non-standard and marginal like art, there will be two characters. One is a painter who wipes his brush on his apron, sets his price pretty high, goes to parties, networks, shows his work... interviews. Who believes arguments which are about what art should be and shouldn't be are essentially by non-artists who sit with history books on their laps.

He believes that people who place art in the refrigerator, meuseum, gallery, fireplace and expect the artist to forgoe, suffer, make a face, act pure were never professionals anyway. They have grown up on fairy tales.

The other character is this writer who claims he has a vision for the world. Who writes nonsense wbout little babies painted into patterns on the wall but have nothing to say about what they have to say.

These two meet in a cyber community and break into a brawl. The writer asks the painter to stop worrying about his livelihood and think of God. The artist throws a chair at him and says, don't hurt, think of God.

As each of them crumbles into little pieces the idea goes up for takes. Leave theories aside, and collect the cash.

Part from each other tonight, and let the confusion take on elitist shades. That is good for the market. Everything elistist is good for the Indian market.

Refer: Times of India
Friday, June 17, 2005
  Cheap Vacations
My new friend, S. didn't laugh when I told her the basic story, of my small life. She was like, "Ok, I've like seen cooler people do cooler stuff." That was nice. Our cities are more and more conservative, expecting more and more, that common things should happen again and again. Its not just the media with its syrupy formulations of family life, its also the fact that the neuclear family, the cosmopolitan reality and the rapid and universal debasement of all things simple and small in the market-we-call-our-world. In this-world-which-is-a-market-in-disguise each of us is merely wearing clothes, wearing tongues which makes it easier to sell in our lane. There is no bigger context, there is no bigger rationale. Most of the time. It feels almost sick sometimes seeing everything reduce to their peculiarities. Films sound and look like films, TV like TV, Art like art, artists like artists, love like love. Sometimes someone dares to be honest, speak the truth - things seem fresh, as sharp as chilli pizza on buttermilk. This way to be, or feel cannot be aspired to.

We have tied ourselves up in knots which are more complex than what a new aspiration could resolve. We need respiration not aspiration. Anyone who is trying to inspire you, trying to make you take a ride to the other side is essentially short of breath.

In cities we don't care so much about what anyone else is doing or being - it is a diasporic, immigrant experience. Re-inventing our history and tradition, desperate for some prescription. So the urban ethic has re-defined itself as the TOI-experience. British or Australian education, call-centre jobs, new Nokia phones. The immigrant experience has its own freedoms and liberties - if we are truly able to leave, cut-off, disintegrate our memories into foam and lather which goes down the drain.

This need for tradition distorts our guilt-processor playing with it like a honky-tonk horn. People actually feel guilty today because they do things, they think they remember they were told by someone not to do! Else the guilt is sterilized and the role of the window-watcher, wallflower is easily taken on. Militancy in the social order is not on the cards, liquor is pretty cheap and there are havens, there are vacations which one can easily enjoy for a small price.
Thursday, June 16, 2005
  Small Change
Micro finance seems interesting to the extent of the peer-saving-groups and loans and poverty reducing... why do people start talking about entrepreneurship at the slightest provocation? Entrepreneurship as a strategy for development? Irrational. Unless you see US as the ideal situation to be in. Ensuring that the economic ecosystem is healthy for all those who want to be entrepreneurs makes sense - making entrepreneurship a choice of favour, something ideal... is stupid.

All the government sponsored / private incubators (trying to make entrepreneurship a priority) are looting young blood anyway. Trying to make an easy buck. Trying to offer "consulting" to entities which are not even business as yet. Charging money which is loaned. Keeping their belongings as ransom in lieu of pending charges after they have gone bankrupt.

Promoting entrepreneurship / calling-for-entrepreneurs to support them is the same is self-publishing mostly. Some guys do a good job. Others take others for a ride, while they try to make a living themselves.
  Peace On A Platter (maybe)
Peace from a simplistic perspective. Not implementable, not realistic. What no one will do, is not doable. Imagine a canopy spread out on Relief road and the rain is jumping on it. What does it mean. Too many people are trying aggressively to change the world. The world can only be peaceful if world change went off development agendas. Natural human activity could be, "making things better for oneself." We have seen the havoc - in a way - that this activity has led many of us to get carried away and make megacities on enchroached land. Made skyskrapers on prime agricultural land.

A way to change this could be to support people who want to "make things better for themselves" in other ways. A way aroun this could be to place social restrictions on the growth of companies - to legislate that companies be split into two the moment they grow beyond a certain size. Why? In masses of millions individuals don't seem valuable. The pressure to keep growing creates the myth of permanence, of drastic decisions, of being manipulative, of being abusive, of cheating. And the truth is all compaies all businesses die. Everything is cyclical. Allowing companies to grow beyond their destinies is ensuring the death of other companies, other individuals. The solution is not to keep looking for new markets, new opportunities to grow - it is to make sure that companies keep shrivelling and dying and the market is renewed all the time. To define an equation which decides that companies cannot grow more when each of their constituents is rich enough for a lifetime. Wealth should not be allowed to grow to hysterical ammounts. It is disheartening.

Innovation is not fuelled by greed, it is not fuelled by neediness, it is fuelled by need. We don't need unethical triggers for anything... we weren't born with any compulsions, we inherited everything. We don't need to constrict the range of our experience and our possibility with the narrowness of white people's minds...

This is an escapist note in response to the passive and limited repsonses to africa's situation. Maybe it is nonsense, but I feel a the trick will also be to keep thinking up all kinds of nonsense as long as the sense of the common dialogue is as dull and colourless as it is. Out of nonsense the queerness of "white companies" arguing for the shortage of new markets, begging us to allow them a few more violations... more possibilites to grow, more worlds to ruin - expand the extent of damage they can muster courage for.
Wednesday, June 15, 2005
  Raghuvansh Prasad Singh's Gossip
Yesterday you were confused. You did not know if paid features were allowed in newspapers or magazines. You did know that other have asked you before, and this is an unnecessary expense. Marketing rep 1, and Aroon Purie's determination have a different plan. They plan to confuse you, gag you with words which do not mean anything and them make you sign a contract. "If you don't understand, why do you bother? We are offering you a good deal."

Tomorrow you might be clear, you will discover that a journalist is flying with you. You will discover that he will talk to you about India Today and its one crore circulation. "Sir, our readers lap up evrything we give them. They believe everything. What do you want them to believe." You will keep his visiting card.

Being upright is one thing, being honest is one thing, but being a simple conversational lollipop is another. "I for one, agree to anyone saying anything - provided he sucks up to me the right way." Lets suppose Aroon Purie does, what do we have tomorrow - the Indian Today sponsored by the ministry for rural development?

That might be good for the publisher. Aroon as it is is 60 but looks like he is 50. But what about the readers, who lap up everything. Some willl feel that they have been wasting their time, calling Raghuvansh Prasad's office asking him to sponsor their aspirations for development. So more in their village could read and write. Read news, read India Today. Make it circulate to one crore+. Each time they called, Mr. Prasad said they do not have budgetary provision for anything like anything and now India Today is supporting them and one crore people are lapping up India Today - who will believe them anymore. Believe them that the ministry doesn't listen to them & doesn't explain to them why what is good for them is not good for the government.

Mr. Prasad's new friends will call on him everytime they are running short of ADs or everytime they feel like expanding. His PA has been bribed once, he can be bribed again.

Refer: Known Turf
  Obese Balloons On The Front Page
Vijaypat Singhania, you were often the last person left standing on the playground. You would come and stand in the middle and behave as if the world was tied to your tail and you were fidgeting so you could shake it off.

Then we got to know each other, you would name drop a lot, you would wear exquisite suits - Raymond, perfect man you were. That you owned Raymond was a different story. Why you namedropped J R D Tata, I couldn't understand - surely you were competitiors?

Anyway, you were often the last person left standing on the playground. You would jump up and down, cheering the winning team. Your bald head seeming like a flash pan. You said you were planing to break the international ballooning world record. You would go up 70,000 feet in the sky and wish you were a few kgs lighter.

You were hiring a British firm to make you the balloon. I said, "whom are you hiring to puncture your balloon? any vacancies." "You joker!" he shouted back.

You appeared on the front page of The Times of India, not the third page of its city suplement. You apppeared on a patch which is usualy reserved for Mr. Manmohan Singh. Do you have his blessings, or do you compete ?

That sunday you blew up your balloon and you got ready to soar up into the sky, you were a bundle of excited bullshit. Frankly I didnt care if you broke the world record or not - but I would feel less guilty about being obese. Because I am not as obese as you, and if you can do it, so can I.

Refer Story Titled: "Singhania scales 28,200 ft: mission to break world hot air balloon record" i Times of India dated June 14, 2005.
Tuesday, June 14, 2005
  Free To Corporate
Shell awnsers to an angry poster on its corporate "open forum" - "we did express our disapproval and dismay about the means the government chose to silence our critics". They would have chosen to silence them in a different way. Just ignore and deny them, just claim to understand reasons behind the "roots of grass" turning blue and hostile towards you.

Royal Dutch / Shell forgot that it was already in the danger of being proven guilty. It is big, rich, arrogant and professes to have grand visions of leading the world to prosperity. How can any oil-hawker profess to desire prosperity, successfully. Siro-Wiwa was found guilty by judges who were feeling guilty about finding Siro-wiwa guilty the next day. He was hung, or shot - but exterminated. How can a poet ever be forgotten, how can guilt ever be ascertained by someone who is already guilty. He had a simple suggestion. Let so much of everything you take away go to my people. We stay here, you stay in Holland. You have other things to go back to, we have nothing else to go away to. Simplicity seems deplorable to businessmen, to politicians working under the pressure of international complexities. How can you? How dare you? Bang Bang Bang. Good thing about humans is nothing is ever forgotten, the world can never be the same again, because now we know.

Siro-wiwa had a son he wanted to come to India, this summer. Then the execution happened in November. He cried and cried and cried for two months. Now it is really hot in India - I don't know where that little child has gone away to. I don't know how I can reach him. He might be thinking his father died and Nigeria was isolated and now there is nothing to think about the roots of the grass which grow under his feet. Not the way his father used to, patiently, holding each blade of grass respectfully between his fingers, allowing each root-strand to speak fairy tales of the distances it had travelled through dense soil.

Reference: A Noose not Bracelet @, by Naomi Klein
Monday, June 13, 2005
  Noose Not Bracelet
Siro-Wiwa defended a stance too subtle for a world steered by stockbrokers, to understand. He said let the tree fall in the patch of land it grows in. But the tree was taken away to Russia, where it was made into paper, on which the Judge in America wrote, “Cease or Desist”. He ceased to be, he was not so powerful that he could ask Shell if they knew what they were doing.

And they didn't. The American ambassador who was recalled after the Siro-Wiwa was assassinated says what the oil companies do cannot be blamed for what the military executes. He says the oil companies cannot be blamed for what the military executes. If someone is to benefit from the present circumstance, it is the ease with which everyone can lie, smile and wave to smiling crowds, win elections. Truth is an equation. It is an equation which can tally in percentages.

My grandmother lived in Nairobi – she said the roads were shaded, food was abundant , snippets of the continental language sounded like language falling on drums softly.

Siro-Wiwa asked the grass under his feet for an answer to a simple question, somebody who lived to the east of Greenwich misreported his question, he was asked to undress his eyes. Refuse to see the startling simmering figment anymore.

He refused. He was executed. Nelson Mandela called for sanctions, Nigeria is isolated. Nobody can ask any questions anymore. America recalls her ambassador. A minor airline buys discounted oil and guzzles into the air. Somebody gets away from a farce by wearing white skin, a suit and tie. Guilt is a tool of mass destruction, it should be missiled across the Atlantic, across the Mediterranean.

Reference: A Noose not Bracelet @, by Naomi Klein
Sunday, June 12, 2005
  Announcement: Season Of Stories
For a week, it will be story season at filament2@blogspot. I will posting 200-500 word every day this coming week. The stories will be based on actual happenings or actual news coverage in The Times of India, The or The Guardian (UK)

This will speak for a couple of apprehensions I have -
  1. News is fiction. Not that news is false, but news is fiction. The perspective from which events become news is fictional. This perspective is informed and guided by a certain moralism, a certain starched judgment which continuously qualifies things happening around us. News is not a record/log of everything which is happening in the world - it is everything happening in the world from a particular perspective.
  2. Fiction is news. The direct or imagined experience, subtext, history, encrypted commentary... of which fiction is knitted, connects in real ways with us. It becomes part of our experience, which we use to understand the world, find our place in it.
I have selected each of the three news sites for different reasons.
  1. The Times of India - to make a comment on the reserved, disbelieving attitude most of its readers have towards the news it publishes. This publication is known for the "entertaining" flavour, which their news has. The perspective of "news" has been expanded/distorted/commercialized/belittled by them - almost singlehandedly.
  2. - it watches the media. It has another set of morals / values with which it keeps a watch on deviances / distortions by the contemporary media industry. It has a perspective - based on ideals, vision and the accorded mandate of "media".
  3. TheGaurdian - As a source of international news. It is known to be quite diverse and I like their tone !
I might also take stories from other news sites, if these fail to excite me sometimes... will always be posting a link.

I hope you enjoy the stories, and I hope the experiment goes off well... !
Saturday, June 11, 2005
  Keeping Away From Cob-webs
I am trying to keep away from laboured - carefully wedged-in arguments, designed to think that realities other than the reality of being are more important. Are more worth thinking about - worth disrupting sequences for.

For example, take revolutions... revolutions get the blood boiling, get the head thinking of long nights spent dreaming of deliverence. Revolutions marry theory with disaster. They are obselete. Adolscence is all about revolting against revolving dors which parents install in our minds. Revolving doors - with free wheeling motion - easy come easy go.

That's the only revolting we know. Lights can go off in the middle of the day - leaving us hot and dry. Sowing seeds is not on my agenda anymore - watering shrobs would be more like it. I can't speak one sentence, which doesn't break into miniscule pieces the world through images, which I invoke.
  National Arts Policy for India ?
What can be done to get more of us talking about this ?

I read Gordon Knox's interview at ArtKrush, he raises similar issues. :

AK: The interest in contemporary art in China is booming. Do you foresee the same future for Indian contemporary art?

GK: Absolutely. The great difference is that China decided some few years ago that advancing its contemporary artists was an important initiative if China was to become an even more potent global player in the world economy. The Indian government has not yet determined that developing this line of dialogue is useful. We believe this is a profound error and our work with the iCon exhibition in Venice is an effort to jump-start a change of heart both within India and with the expatriate Indian community."

Gordon Knox is the co-curator with Julie Evans and Peter Nagy of iCon: India Contemporary for the 2005 Venice Biennale.
Thursday, June 09, 2005
Spicejet has started 6 flights a day from Ahmedabad to Delhi and four flights a day from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. The only realistic alternatives to travelling by train until last month (when this new airline launched) was roughing it by the bus. The Volvo busses run by many travel & tour companies locally were the best best. Quick, no unnecessary stops for the driver to buy Pan or beedi and punctual. Of course the added attraction were the movies and the AC. Sometimes the movies were not the everyone-dies-in-the-end Ram Gopal Verma movies and they were fun.

With spicejet promising to cover the distance to the flying for everyone promise, which Air Deccan could only do lip service to, India is in for a rush. I have skipped going to so many places, where I felt like just because it would be too much of a hassle or get too expensive.

As an interesting sidetrack I would like to observe that - travelling by air, in pressurized Ac cabins is nothing experientially compared to doing the Volvo. I did a bus trip once long back (non-Volvo) from Delhi to Pondicherry. It took me five days and I can still brag about it.
Wednesday, June 08, 2005
  WoW ! Blog Books...
I had commented on someone's blog today that blogs will go back to be like the old diaries.. by being compiled or anthologized into books. And then a few minutes back I came across (Turn your blog into reality.) These guys offer a service of compiling and printing out blogs !

As an additional benefit they also sell the PDF file which is produced as part of the process.

Good for micrpayment shops on personal sites. "to support buy my last year's blog posting, especially selected, compiled (and proofread) for you." : )
Tuesday, June 07, 2005
  Searching For Messiahs
I think I am searching for messiahs - messsiahs move about invisible now. They do not wear clothes like us, they wear wings and fly over tea shops. Thats why I think. I doubt if any one can be a be-all do-all take care of the charged field of expectations that I have.

That we can do small work is good enough.
  Between Words
Each acceptance need not threaten my reluctance. What as I accept as hers, I might not accept as mine.

Been wondering about the potency of judgement and the reinforcements behind it.

I am as much more stern with myself than others. I murmur and pamper myself too much, how shitty !!

After a while someone will give me a table to sit, ask for tea. I won't speed at the speed of a speedy train, drag in breaths between words.
  Defy gravity
Well, social communication is not so simple. It is not so personal and idiosyncratic a way to work as I am used to !

Well the objectives are broader, the concerns critical and a lot of complex things to take care of. Its maybe like playing soccer with a bomb - which can go off, if you kick too hard.

But somehow - has to be done, with my inter-disciplinary eyes. Some stones, which I throw in anger - should reach the moon. Defy gravity.

Defy gravity. Defy Gravity. Remember that today.
Sunday, June 05, 2005
  Letting Strange Brew Flow Into Old Saucers
Why the think tank presses the trigger and my head feels shattered as if it knows the end of no war, end of no availabilities.

Staring at the screen can become a habit, twitching, avoiding everything essential. The tea spills on my thigh, I scream the chocolates fall out of the window. The flowers with their thorns become tired of pretending, presenting their best face. Fire errupts in each lie, ever spoken in this room. My friends sleeping all over the floor, the animal of the forrest having leapt into me and there being no way out of this mess.

Salient features of the Model T of literature, the slambam poetry vending machine - it rhymes, stupid with your middle name, Guaranteed !

Old fools, small whiskers. The world is round, it figures.

When the suit-and-tie has had its buy, we will search for witnesses who can convict the Prosecutor of having vested interests. Of being a moralist. Crass carcass then will not hang from trees, the tres which line the road to your house....
Saturday, June 04, 2005
  Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi: a review
Next time you hear a leftist ngo-types preaching to you, telling you the way this world should be. Telling you, how you should be, if you know whats' good for you... you can remember Sidharth of Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi (HKA) and get a kick out of fantasizing the end he could come to. It is summer in India and he is dreaming for the best, for the best of us. Betting his life on the world changing on Saturday, just in time for the sparrow to shit on his eyeglasses.

If One Billion minus Ninety Nine million people are wishing-well for India's future... this minus another hundered thousand are betting their lives on the world changing on Saturday - whether or not at that same time... imagine how confused the wish-fulfilling fairy will be ?

Someone wants to end globaliztion, someone wants to end dust, someone wants to end illitracy... and all of them are funded by someone of the other. Each is capable of trigering a change.

Anyway, from a ramble to a gamble. Vikram in HKA gambles on mediocrity, on well-adjusted cynicism. Mostly quite successfully. Geeta gambles on faith, in Sidharth's vision on his love and sincerity. Sidharth gambles on the world changing at that precise time on Saturday.

We see everyone's world fall apart - but all the characters are sketched so evenly, no one is made out to be a hero. You don't end up sympathizing with any one - so much so that you start hating the director. Every one seems to have - in the karmic-cycle-perspective - some reason to suffer.

This has always seemed the most difficult thing to me. The film is remarkable well-scripted.

The political context of the story - seems to be more of a potent and vocal backdrop than a major concern of the filmmaker. And it seems to me, thats the way it always is, except in history books and academic papers.

History was approached in very personal and pained steps. Nothing was said - everything was an undertone, an undertone resounding in each moment of the film.
Wednesday, June 01, 2005
  Population Explosion
I went down to Patel Media in the afternnon to check if they had a pirated copy of Final Draft 7 - I have been putting together some ideas for a feature film script. I have put the story together, am working on the characters. The shop was full of avid pirates... and it was hot. The shop-assistant was hassled, he refused to understand what Final Draft was.

One of my reactions that I was aware of - "There are so many of us, I believe in the population boom." But sometimes I wonder if the population program is not a theory. A repressive theory - which somehow conjures an entirely hysterical and dehumanized concept of India. The moment you think of India as an over-populated country - you can get away with not feeling sensitive about train mishaps, tsunamis, earthquakes....

It starts making you feel insignificant, jinxed and doomed. I wonder where this concept came from. British rule ? Direct Comparitive Inference ?

I feel the population boom is an abstract concept. Each person on the street is an idea waiting to be realized. The population boom is of ideas - not of humans. That is not possible. Humans being agents of the ideas-to-be-realized-in-them.

I think Asia, Africa... could think about this. Who really feels that some person is "extra" that s/he is part of a boom, an over-productive country ?

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