Saturday, May 28, 2005
  Today Morning
Manju said spiritual emptiness felt like a potent hunger in the bosom. I said, "yes ?" So the plan of the morning was - we would first go to the temple and then we would come back home and get to work.

I am sitting in the temple now - ISKCON temple near the Fun Republic cross roads. I quite like temple spaces. They are so well-planned, the energy - everyone comes here with their most pious selves hanging on them ? Don't know. Haven't much thought about temples. I like to go sometimes and sit - a community space we all maintain together - for a different kind of reflection / introspection. For me the temple doesn't mean religious / ideological identification at all. Sometimes some of what you do can grow beyond your smallness. This much I believe in.

She is sitting next to me, trying to fill up her emptiness, a child runs around on the marble floor.

Would it be a good idea to wear a mala of tulsi beads ?
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