Tuesday, May 31, 2005
  Everyone Knows What Will Happen
Too many prophets administer the countries. And that's how we have corrupted passion. There are stories which are memorable - which relate in parables how things are - beyond the horizon. Which relate in sermons how the world should be to move towards it.

Revolutions which happened were surprises. Its becoming more and more difficult to be surprised - because we all know everything about how things will happen. Analysis is astrology.

Minds have become conceptual - they can't look beyond the logic. That seems to have worked. Made evangelists out of activists.

Nothing can ever happen now. Revolutions were all about passion - our passion is now confused.

That man who sits in the chair and stares at the window. Stares at the window. And he will do nothing all day. But he may turn his head in the evening.

Concepts are / have-to be productive. Productivity can be misleading, it can establish strange benchmarks.
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