Saturday, May 28, 2005
  Climbing A Slow Escalation
When does the length of a moment spread into becoming history ? I can breeze past day after day after day and I seem to be waiting for solutions to happen. Some people I meet, encourage, support - they give me hope.

But slowly I have been feeling more and more content in the patient window-watching, the patient swagger of someone has more dreams than time to live them out. Trying out so many options - what if I was still going to be left standing on the street. Being ambitious and arrogant can be dangerous, it can remove you from the danger of reality. One moment I can enjoy poetry - the next moment I can take that perfectly balanced double swing - I can risk extermination. So many web links bookmarked in my mind, everything is an option - maybe really allowing oneself to hear the creaking of the door, the ticking of the clock. There is nothing funny about not knowing how to spell tomorrow. And that's what its all about. Ask each bank account if it matters - where the money comes from. The minimum balance should be maintained to ensure the account remains open.

People I have met, drinking lemonades at the canteen, when will I meet them again ? I have let the sun dry out portraits into shrill screams, I have let the sun cast shadows on my dreams. Some people will always remember, why I met them the first time, holding an umbrella under my arms. Taking U-Turns, going past the bridge, through the under bridge - to the riverfront, looking into a dry scarce mirror.
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