Sunday, May 22, 2005
  Chasing The Concept
I wouldn't start describing this day by speaking of circumstance, my impatience or the way the world would swell up inside me and threaten to spill out. In the midst of my experience – feeling vaguely lost and listless and very charged, ready to strike at the same time, I got a vague idea of the other things which were going on in the world.

In that fantasy I believed that my friend in the drivers' seat was driving with me through life. That the roads we were crossing were only through time. We were reaching absolutely somewhere, we were going absolutely somewhere.

Today's news will not reflect my heartbroken night, the exact time when the paper was being printed across town. Today's news will not reflect any story of anyone in this city. The front page is a monument to the day in the currency of the world leaders and the wannabes. Every eye which will read the paper today will have her own story running in her head. Every eye will be a heartbroken eye.

My filament2 lighted up today - I believe - when I could string up sentence after sentence after sentence, in the waiting room as my wife saw the doctor. But I am still approaching the concept of the "filament2" - "the greater filament", I am thinking about the myriad kinds of connections, deliverances happening during the day, which lights up more of us than just a specific cubic inch in our brain.
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when sparks fly - consistenly, the nature of the filament decides what lights up and what fuses out

this blog is the filament2: constantly posted secondary news, signals, waves...

"other ways of lighting up"

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